Case Studies

$25MM Funds New Luxury Destination Resort

Brand Development, Design, Launch & Equity Funding

$25 Million Investment Capital Raised 

The Challenge:      $25M Investment Capital needed.

1000 acres of pristine beachfront property.  No bank to fund and permit the project.  Ideas galore.   No plans to succeed.

The Objective:    1.)  Raise $25M.  2.)  Buy land.   3.)  Permit.   4.)  Sell.

  • With marching orders in-hand, we designed, developed and deployed one of our most successful projects → ever.

>  INQ’s expertise in Environmental Design is backed by 4 generations of landscape architecture – a green family heritage since 1926.

  • We created a World-Class GREEN Brand backed by Partnerships and Alliances to help pull the weight.  
  • We brought big mules:   Apple, PGA, NCAA, NFL, Banyan Tree, GE Ecomagination, Cushman & Wakefield, Toro, Audubon and many more – all while James Taylor sang our song.

The Results:

$25M investment capital (equity) raised with full approvals and permits for development.

With $25M in the bank, the project was fully approved with the highest of praise from Prime Minister Ingraham and the Bahamian Executive Branch.

Strategies  >  Communications  Results.

Go-To-Market → New Product Launch

Business Strategy | Services & Support

85% Conversion Rate to C-Level / F500

The Challenge:       New SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).  

New company.    No customers.   A plethora of competitors.  A cutthroat market.  A sales team burning $500K every quarter.

The Objective:  

1.)  Get 100 meetings at C-Level.    2.)  Introduce Company and SasS.    3.) Sell trial stage ASAP.

  • We designed, developed and deployed our best and most successful direct B2B campaign → ever.

>  INQ’s technical expertise features custom-designed software and hardware solutions.  Engineering, Sales and Marketing in Atlanta since 1984 – we cut our teeth with IBM.

  • F500 C-Level executives received an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The Results:  

100% open rate  →  85% conversion rate  →  50%+ trials.   That’s right:  

•   100% of F500 C-Level Executives received and viewed our pitch.  
•   85% met with us at C-Level.  
•   Over half approved next steps to trial / proof-of-concept stage.

Accelerating the sales and marketing process saved $1M+ in 6 months.

Strategies  >  Communications  Results.

New Customer Acquisition Campaign

Business Strategy | Services & Support

2 Million New Viewers is a Game-Changer

The Challenge:       Generate Traffic in a tradional public company.  

Established, Traditional Company wants a new, on-site traffic generation in a big way – also in an Established, Traditional and Competitive Market.

The Objective:

1.)  10 Large Metro Markets averaging 15 Properties each.   2.)  Industry is Saturated – Company wants something new.    3.)  Generate On-Site Traffic in all 10 Major Metros.

We designed, developed and deployed a truly innovative B2C campaign, partnered with World-Class Business Partners and Strategic Alliances, and indeed brought something new – to the entire industry.

>  We custom-designed a true cross-media campaign blending Digital, Social, PR, Radio, TV, Outdoor and Direct-Onsite Marketing and World-Class LIVE ENTERTAINMENT.

We delivered Onsite, 1-on-1 Marketing and On-site Business Development Programs, a New, Industry-Leading Customer & Corporate Affinity Program, alongside traditional Advertising, Social Media, Word-of-mouth and yes: NEW TRAFFIC PROGRAM SURPASSED EXPECTATIONS.

Strategies  >  Communications  Results.

Marketing Atlanta | Services Overview

Revenue Strategies

Business Development Sustainable Growth

In Case You Missed It:      

Marketing Atlanta is strategy-centric communication and design agency in Atlanta, Georgia | Since 1984.   We create new business strategies, content and messaging, deliver and manage campaigns to generate revenue. 

Our job is to spread the word, generate revenue and profit, and keep clients coming back for more.  Marketing Atlanta is business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded and relentlessly committed to the success of our clients.

We design successful Business Strategies & Market Intelligence, Revenue Generation (SALES) Strategies, Design new business units, Discover new revenue channels, to help you build better products and services, outmaneuver competitors and launch successful new business units.

We Design, Produce and Manage Digital Assets, World-Class Brands.  We deliver a better message through better storytelling, attract new customers, revitalize your client base and keep it simple with style. We think long term with you.

Strategies  >  Communications  Results.


About Us

Marketing Atlanta is strategy-centric communication and design agency in Atlanta, Georgia  |  Since 1984.  We design successful business strategies, fantastic content and messaging, deliver and manage campaigns to generate revenue.
Our job is to spread the word, generate revenue and profit, and keep clients coming back for more.   We are business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded and relentlessly committed to the success of companies, and businesses we serve.

Business Strategy | Intelligence


Design new business units.  Discover new revenue channels.   Build better products and services.  Outmaneuver competitors.  Launch new business units.

BUSINESS Competitive Landscape Research | KPIs | Historic, Current & Future Goals | Product Development & Design | Packaging Design | Shipping & Transportation | Data & Tech Infrastructure | Capabilities & Needs Assessments PLANNING STRATEGY Customer Journey Mapping | Strategic Pillars | Brand Platform & Message Mapping | Media Strategy | Channel Plans | Learning Agendas | Campaign Roadmaps | Data & Tech Reqs. | Project Planning & Measurement Processes FINANCIAL Sales | Revenue Management | Investor Documentation | Projections & Illustrations | Charting & Presentations | Crowd Funding Channels | Asset Management | Media Vendor Management | Account Auditing | STUNNING VC-Investor Presentations

Creative | Design


Design your best message.   Be the better storyteller.    Attract new customers.  Revitalize your client base.   Keep it simple with style.   Think long term.

BRANDING Brand Management | Brandmarks / Logos | Identity & Design | Naming & Positioning | Public Relations | Re-Branding | Strategy & Planning | Style Guides | GREEN & Sustaoinable Design DIGITAL Website Design | Website Management | Animation | E-Commerce | Motion Video | SEO SEM Management | Site Analytics| Social Media CREATIVE Advertising | Art Direction | Copywriting | A/V Production | Collateral  | Event Management | Graphic Design | Photography | Print | Website Management


Digital Marketing | Development


Expert Project Management.   Streamline logistics.   Involve partners.   Prepare to hit multiple curveballs.   Stay ahead of schedule.   Always deliver with a big smile.

DIGITAL STRATEGY Target Marketing | Competive Reasearch & Analysis | Digital/ Website Strategies | Online UX UI Design | Marketing & Advertising Costs & Budgeting | Social Media | Paid Advertising | PPC ROI | Growth Planning & Management | Startups-to-Market Media Planning | Small-Medium Business Growth | Large Business & F500 Expereince | Traffic Generation & Management | Support | Timeline Reporting CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Content Design & Development Calendars | Creative Concepts & Channel-Specific Asset Development | Media Planning | Data Sourcing | Data Targeting Tool Development & Modeling | UI UX design and testing | Tech platform implementation | Reporting & Analytic Tools |  Process | Go To Market – Launch Strategies TECHNOLOGIES Responsive Media | Secure Desktop & Mobile | Microsites | Landing Pages | Conversion Startegies | WordPress CMS | Joomla CMS | Drupal CMS | Social Engine CMS | Adobe-Certified | HTML & JAVA | CMS & CSS Tools | CRM Development & Management | Data Center | IT Infrastructure | Technical Operations

Campaign Management | Support


We listen to how your business evolves.   We partner with you to deliver fast and reliable support – to you and your customers.   We run with you 24 / 7 / 365.

ONBOARDING Sales & Business Development | Social Media Management | Key Account Management | Small-Medium Business Management | Large Business & F500 | New Client Activation Programs | Team Training & Facilitation | Teleconferencing | Live & Streaming Video | Inbound / Outbound Services SUPPORT Comprehensive Contact Centers | Live Telephone Support | Live Chat | Live Email  |  Live Telephone Support | Streaming Tutorials | Remote Agents | Cloud Hosting Services | Online / Off-Site Data Storage SECURITY LIVE QUICK CONNECT™| Live Monitoring | Turn-Key Auto-Updates | ECO-Credentialed | Secure Digital Asset Management Systems | Network Services


Our Team

John Ashall     

Operations | Healthcare

John’s experience includes board level to employee, contributing to and controlling strategic business planning & management, expense management and operational reporting, production systems, market analysis, marketing and sales and organizational development.

John Ashall spans a range of company sizes, industries and international roles with special insights into the opportunities of growing new operations and technologies.

• Strategic Business Planning & Management
• Production Systems
• Market Analysis, Marketing and Sales
• Personnel Management
• Expense Management and Operational Reporting
• Organizational Development and Collaboration
• International Business Expansion

Scott Spencer     

Strategy | Creative | Development

Scott Spencer oversees Strategy, Creative, Business Partnerships & Strategic Alliances and Client Development.

Scott has an award-winning background in Marketing and Corporate Communications, Brand Strategy & Design, UX, Production and Public Relations.

B2B / B2C expertise in Fortune 500, high-growth mid-market companies and early-stage start-ups:

• Technology | Cloud & SaaS

• Commercial & Residential Real Estate Design & Development

• OEM | Transportation | Construction

• Environmental/Landscape Architecture

• Ad/PR Agency & Media

• Healthcare & Government

• CPG | Retail | Food & Beverage | Hospitality

• Sports & Live Entertainment

Jay Johnson     

Technology | Transportation

Jay Johnson manages essential client-centric technologies for networking business digital communications.

With more than 20 years of experience with multiple platforms, Jay has built networks for small businesses, medium-sized companies and large corporations.

B2B / B2C expertise in Fortune 500, high-growth mid-market companies and early-stage start-ups:

• Fiber Optics

• Mobile / Apps

• Cisco Access Points

• Voice / Data

• Audio /  Video

• Smart Home Automation

• Security


John Hagan   

Telecom | Retail | Finance

John Hagan oversees client development in areas of Digital Communications.  John addresses the unique challenges of our customers – to develop better communication solutions – based on their industry, region and organizational size .

B2B / B2C expertise in Fortune 500, high-growth mid-market companies and early-stage start-ups:

• Unified Communications

• Business Internet

• Cloud VoIP Technology

• Low Voltage | Fiber

• High-Speed Networking

• Consulting & Professional Services

Tonya Williams      

Project Management | Support

Tonya Williams  |  Senior Designer    

TonyaWilliams is a talented, multi-faceted designer, with strong aptitudes for managing numerous client projects.  She is a graphic designer, website developer and highly experienced in traditional design.

Her experience includes:

• Websites & Microsites

• Graphic Design

• Photo Imaging

• Social Media

• Print Media & Digital Printing

• Adobe Creative Suite | Mac & PC


Michelle Sardana   

Design | Development

Michelle Sardana  |  Designer    

Michelle Sardana has a broad background in design and development – she always has her touch on today’s styles and adds her class to every project.

With more than 10 years of experience , Michelle is exceptionally resourceful and detail-oriented to see projects through completion.

• Infographics

• Digital Illustration

• Whiteboarding Animations

• Graphic Design

• Animation

• Blog Content & Design

Maria Gondla     

Design | Development

Maria Gondla  |  Designer

Maria Gondla has extensive design experience for a diverse range of projects and platforms – more specifically, she can dive into the code to make it happen.

• Web Design

• Mobile Platform

• Photo & Illustration Editing

• Video Formatting & Editing

• White Board Animations

Matthew Spencer     

Design | Development

Matthew Spencer  |  Designer

Matthew Spencer has his own unique style – he not only creates digital imagery, he also commissions his art on canvas, graffiti-style illustrations, abstracts and still life.

Matthew attends design courses at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) to explore fine art, design and architecture.

• Photo Retouching

• Photo & Illustration Editing

• Fine Art | Painting

• Architecture & Automotive

• Infographics

• A/V Editing


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